Why Your Business Park Needs Broadband

[GBP Note:  the following article is focused on the need to create community broadband networks and the efforts of
1) Gigabit Squared, a digital economic development corporation founded in 2010 to create community broadband networks through public and private partnerships in the United States.
2) US Ignite, a non-profit that launched in June 2012, aims to benefit these areas in order to improve the way Americans are able to work and live using the Internet.
3) the global Broadband Commission for Digital Development

While the article does not directly address the broadband needs of business parks (I just needed a more relevant title) it provides some reference information /resources which could be useful to someone planning a build-out within a business or industrial park.
See our other blog posts related to business parks under Fiber Optics and How to Create Value for Tenants. ]

Why Your City Needs Broadband

October 24, 2012 by Matt Petronzio
Mashable, Inc.

Digitally connecting one person with another is powerful in itself, but connecting entire communities in the United States and around the world is truly transformative. Broadband, specifically, has the potential to give Internet users access to information that can inspire action, changing the way people learn, do business and help each other.

At the 2012 Social Good Summit in September, Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg spoke about the rapidly growing enterprise of broadband. “Today, [there are] 6.3 million mobile subscriptions in the world, 1 million broadband subscriptions in the world. That’s just going to blow the next five years. [By] 2017? 5 billion mobile broadband subscriptions,” he said.

With this kind of growth, organizations have been working with broadband to bring people together and spur progress. Here are three examples of the power and future of high-speed Internet.

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