Whitepaper – Trends in Global Manufacturing, Goods Movement and Consumption, and Their Effect on the Growth of United States Ports and Distribution

Published in September, 2010, this is a very comprehensive whitepaper by NAIOP about global manufacturing and other topics such as:
• An overview of manufacturing as an industry and the competitive issues facing domestic and foreign manufacturing.
• The accommodations being made in the logistics industry to support manufacturing.
• An array of drivers that impact site selection for warehouses and distribution centers.
(These facilities are destination points for goods in one transportation mode of the
logistics cycle and origin points for the “last mile” of delivery in another transportation
mode to stores or to consumers.)
• A perspective on the headwinds facing the United States manufacturing industry and the challenges that they will face from global competition.
• Finally, insights into the inter-relationships and demands that exist between
manufacturing, distribution and warehousing and how they may create new leasing, sales, development and construction opportunities.

To download the PDF for free Click Here.
For more about NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, Click Here.
For more about the authors, Curtis D. Spencer and Steve Schellenberg, Click Here.

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