The Ferndown Industrial Estate, in Southern England, is seen by tenants as a "Black Spot" in terms of broadband service

[GBP Note:  Owners of business parks can create value for their tenants by ensuring a basic element of commerce, high-speed internet, is available to all on the park.  In this case, a tenant is speaking out regarding the lack of high-speed internet at the Ferndown Industrial Estate near Bournemouth, England.]

Business owner: Why is industrial estate being deprived of superfast broadband?

9:26am Wednesday 19th June 2013

By Alex Winter

A FERNDOWN business owner has slammed BT after claiming industrial estates are being “deprived” of superfast broadband.

Brian Frost, the managing director of Applied Relay Testing on the Ferndown Industrial Estate, says he is able to get BT Infinity in his home.

However, although his business is a similar distance away from the same exchange, there seems to be no sign of the speedy service on the estate, and he fears councils may be forced to pay up to provide it.

The arrival of BT Infinity to the Ferndown area around a year ago was initially hailed by many residents as a major boost.

Although most homes now have access to the service, the industrial estate is in a “black spot” – a situation which appears to exist across estates nationally.

Mr Frost said: “I feel that this could be a cynical action.

“I cannot see any technical reason why they should not be providing this broadband, so it seems that there must be a commercial drive. It feels as if they are holding a locality, and its business owners, to ransom.”


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