Thailand Flooding may put 650,000 Industrial Estate Workers Temporarily Out of Work

The Thailand cabinet declared October 27-31 a holiday in Bangkok and 20 provinces affected by the country’s worst flooding in 50 years as weekend high tides in the Gulf of Thailand could complicate efforts to divert water from the low-lying capital.  If levee breaks much of central Bangkok could be flooded.  For full article Click Here.

Business Park-related information:

The floods have also forced the closure of seven industrial estates in Ayutthaya, Nonthaburi and Pathum Thani provinces bordering Bangkok, causing billions of dollars of damage, disrupting supply chains for industry and putting about 650,000 people temporarily out of work.

Some of the worst hit Industrial Estates include:

Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate and Bangkadi Industrial Park in Pathum Thani

Hi-Tech Industrial Estate and Saha Rattananakorn Industrial Estate in Ayutthaya


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