Thailand Flood May Cause Industrial Estates Such as Saha Rattananakorn in Ayutthaya to be Acquired

Excellent article in the Bangkok Post covering the flooding affect on industrial estates – Click Here.

Highlights include:
- Thai government to give full support and may act as a middleman to find buyers for industrial estate PLC’s who cannot raise cash to do clean up / infrastructure work.  Article mentioned Saha Rattananakorn Industrial Estate as being one of them.
- Article states a total of 1,300 factories and 400,000 workers have been affected by floods.
- At Hi-Tech Industrial Estate in Ayutthaya, all 130 factories have been flooded
- About 150 of the 220 factories in Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate in Pathum Thani have been flooded

GBP’s Take:  The article mentions the possibility of reopening in 45 days but other reports say it will take almost a month just for the water to recede.  Toshiba’s update yesterday says it may be long-term before their factories are reopened.  See Toshiba’s most recent update Here.

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