Texas Native Plants at Champion Office Park site saved from bulldozer for reuse around Austin

[GBP note:  This is a fine example of how the development of a business park can be environmentally conscious by working with the community to save certain species during the construction stage.  Also, if you click on the link to the Champion Office Park it states "it protects existing natural spaces by preserving 63% of the site as open space - and provides a strong and environmentally comfortable address and image for business."  This definitely is a case where the business park is building a brand for itself but also creates value for tenant companies by providing a platform for them to follow green building practices.
Be sure to click on the attachments at the bottom of the linked article for more details and several photos of the event.]

Texas Native Plants at Champion Office Park site saved from bulldozer for reuse around Austin

On Sat., Sept. 7, 2013, with construction due to start on the Champion Office Park at RM 2222 and Champion Grandview Way on Tuesday, 75 volunteers from a wide range of organizations in Austin turned out to rescue Texas native plants from the bulldozer.

The project was coordinated by the 2222 CONA (the coalition of neighborhood associations along RM 2222), in collaboration with the City of Austin and Champion Office Park developer, Endeavor Real Estate Group, who provided water for the plants and had a staff member on-site to assist.

Volunteers from the Native Plant Society of Texas, the National Wildlife Federation, and the University of Texas at Austin Sports & Recreation Department rescued over 300 plants, many of which were in good condition for transplanting.  Plants from the site, some of which were relatively rare, will be used by the City of Austin and various neighborhood associations for their parks and individual participants for their residential gardens. For more details and photos click on attachment.

Caption: Dale Bulla, National Wildlife Federation Habitat Steward & Native Plant Society of Texas member, and City of Austin’s John Chenoweth rescuing a baby Texas Ash at the Champion Grandview Way plant rescue, Sept. 7, 2013


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