Texas-based food-distribution giant Sysco to build in the Commerce Way Business Park, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Whole county benefits from Woodstock deal with Sysco

Ron Thomson, Sentinel-Review

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 4:56:31 EDT PM

WOODSTOCK – Pat Sobeski called the announcement two weeks ago that Texas-based food-distribution giant Sysco was going to invest in a Woodstock location a good news story for the City of Woodstock.

However, it’s not only Woodstock that will benefit from the 400,000-square-foot food distribution facility Sysco plans to build in the Commerce Way Business Park, the mayor said. The entire county has something to gain from the facility.

“It’s a good news story for Woodstock and certainly a good news story for the county, as well,” Sobeski said. “While it’s a Woodstock story, the trickle down impact benefits everybody.”

Oxford County will get a share of the tax pie and the facility, along with the 250 to 305 jobs it will create, will employ people from across the county not just Woodstock.

“It looks like for every $100 in taxation that is collected on that property the province will get 32%, the county will get 22% and Woodstock get 46%,” Sobeski said. “While it’s perceived as a Woodstock project, indeed the benefits will go far beyond the limits here. The 250 to 350 jobs may not only be Woodstock people hired. It’s going to be people from the county and the region.”

Warden Don McKay said most of the employees at the Sysco facility will likely have to live in the county due to wages, so the jobs will either stay in the county are potential employees will move to the county.

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