Taiwan’s government introduces special economic zone in southern port city of Kaohsiung

Taiwan’s government introduces special economic zone

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2013-03-30
  • 12:34 (GMT+8)


Taiwan’s government on March 27 introduced a special economic zone designed to attract foreign capital to a controlled area, according to our sister newspaper China Times.

Vice Premier Mao Chi-kuo and Kuan Chung-min, chief of the Council for Economic Planning and Development, said the zone will have four main focuses on logistics, medical tourism, agricultural development and fostering further international cooperation.

The cabinet and the Ministry of Economic Affairs have different opinions about the sensitive issue of using Chinese investment, and whether to open seven major technological industries such as solar panel and semiconductor manufacturing to mainland capital.

One side believes that new investments should meet the standards established by the World Trade Organization as well as Taiwan’s cross-strait regulations, except in areas where homeland security could be affected. Others argue that Chinese capital should receive the same treatment as investment from other countries without added limitations, specifically in the manufacturing and service industries.

Kuan said Chinese investment in the zone should be treated the same as investment from other countries, adding that solar panels produced with Chinese capital and Japanese technology could be developed in Taiwan and then exported to the mainland tax free.

Francis Liang, deputy minister of economic affairs, said the ministry will keep lines of communication open with other departments before the government votes on the program in July.

The zone may also serve as a trial for future connections between regional industries, such as those in mainland China and Indonesia, to help reduce the costs of trade for both sides, said Kuan.


Mao Chin-kuo  毛治國

Kuan Chung-min  管中閔

Liang Kuo-hsin  梁國新


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