Sejong City is new planned city under construction with goal to drive growth outside of Korean capital Seoul

[GBP Note:  Of course, our interest is in the fact that in addition to the 36 ministries and agencies moving to Sejong City it will also include a business park.  If you have detailed information regarding the business park please send us an email.]

With new Sejong City, South Korean government aims to rebalance power

By Chico Harlan, Published:  August 17, 2012
The Washington Post

SEJONG CITY, South Korea — On this country’s most controversial tract of land, 10,000 laborers are laying the groundwork for an ambitious new city that will either drive growth outside the overpopulated capital or end up as an ill-conceived waste of money.

Sejong City resembles a construction site, not a boomtown — orange-painted cranes make up the skyline and dump trucks rumble over makeshift bridges — but next month, South Korean officials will begin moving here in droves.

They’ll come as part of a long-contested plan that essentially divides the South Korean government in half, with the relocation of 36 ministries and agencies to a built-from-scratch bureaucrat’s paradise that was once a patchwork of peach farms.

But even as the shift begins, officials aren’t sure whether it’s a good idea. If Sejong develops as planned, with a population of 500,000 by 2030, it could rebalance power in a country long dominated by the megalopolis capital of Seoul. But critics — including President Lee Myung-bak, who didn’t attend a recent launch ceremony here — say it’s crazy to set parts of the administration 75 miles apart.

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