PSV Holdings of South Africa Cuts Costs by Consolidating into own Office Park

PSV Holdings, a listed industrial engineering firm that specializes in pumps and valves, is seeing an increase in its industrial supply and pumps businesses.

In business park-related news, the company’s financial director, Tony Dreisenstock, said they recently relocated 60% of their businesses into their own namesake business park, PSV Holdings Office Park, near Johannesburg, South Africa, which has reduced costs and they are now starting to see the benefits of that.

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PSV acquired MITECH on 1 September 2011 and they will be relocating to its new premises at PSV Holdings Office Park during the month of October.  For related article Click Here.

GBP’s Take:  PSV Holdings will not only reduce their operating costs by locating most of their businesses into one office park, but they will also reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating the amount of travel needed when holding meetings with employees across the various businesses.  If they created one state-of-the-art web conferencing facility and made it available to their businesses and others in the Office Park it would be another great step forward in greening their office park by further reducing travel cost.  The Office Park is located very near the O.R.Tambo International Airport which makes corporate travel and logistics very convenient as well.

Finally, there are positive motivational factors involved with moving MITECH into the PSV Holdings Office Park right away.  During the post-acquisition integration stage, the acquired employees will instantly feel as part of the PSV family and should be able to contribute right away.

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