New Community Center and Fire Station Shaping Up for Middleton Industrial Park, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Annapolis County Spectator reports (Click Here) that the Middleton Industrial Park is one step closer to funding a new multi-purpose centre and fire hall.

Most people understand that as Middleton continues to grow, the fire service needs to expand, says Marshall. If the town is to maintain services such as a hospital and nursing home, it has to be able to protect this infrastructure in the event of an emergency.

So far nearly $800,000 has been promised towards the building, with the fire department and the fireflies putting about $50,000 towards the new building and council earmarking $650,000 in principal. The town’s contribution is conditional upon other governments partnering in the project.

GBP’s Take:  Combining a community center with a fire station in a business park is an excellent way to share infrastructure and services for tenants within the business park.  We recommend that the City of Middleton consider installing a well-equipped web-conferencing room that may be used by the tenants and perhaps other community members to link to the internet.  As most tenants may only infrequently use such a web-conferencing facility they may not want to invest in one in their own building.  A community center that rents time and space to those who do need such equipment could be a great service and can be considered an easy step toward becoming a “Green” industrial park.  It also reduces the carbon footprint of a tenant if they are able to forgo travel by conducting meetings online.  In addition, since the facility would be near the fire station, it could be used as a central information gathering / disseminating location in case of a natural disaster or other emergency.

GBP is investigating the costs and details of such a shared facility so if you are using one in your business park or have other related information, please comment.

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