Napa, CA city council allows wineries to set up in Napa Valley Commons business park

Napa loosens restrictions so business park can recruit wineries

May 30, 2014
By Janelle Wetzstein
Napa Valley Register

Napa Valley Commons could soon see a new type of tenant, now that the City Council has allowed wineries to set up shop throughout the entire south Napa business park.

Wineries were already allowed in a portion of the corporate park, but with the booming local wine market, the business park wanted more.

“There is a need for it,” Kory Kramer, president of the Napa Valley Commons board of directors, said this week. “Because the wine industry is so prominent in Napa Valley, owners in the Commons said they needed this.”

The decision to remove an outdated 1980s business park master plan was made by the council last week. When the park was approved in 1981, it was zoned for a combination of light industrial and commercial uses. These days, it’s home to tenants like a Mercedes auto museum, a marketing firm, an investment group, a wine storage company and the Department of Motor Vehicle’s Napa office, which is currently closed for construction.

Both city staff and business park representatives pointed out during last week’s hearing that wineries are very similar to industrial uses, which are already allowed at the 246-acre site.

Click here for full article in Napa Valley Register


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