Mozambique’s First Science and Technology Park May Become Reality in 2012

First mentioned in 2008 (Science on the up in Mozambique), a Science and Technology Park may finally become a reality this year.

From Article in AllAfrica:

Maputo — Mozambique’s Minister of Science and Technology, Venancio Massingue, told reporters on Tuesday that everything is being done to ensure that the country’s first Science and Technology Park, under construction at Maluana, about 90 kilometres north of Maputo, will be inaugurated this year.

Meeting on Tuesday, the Council of Ministers (Cabinet) issued a decree formally creating the Park, though in fact the first stone in the building work was laid in February 2010.

“We are working at full speed on the final touches so that we can inaugurate this great undertaking during this year”, said Massingue.

The Park is a complex aimed at the development of scientific research, the promotion of innovation, the generation of knowledge, and the development of human capital. Like other science parks throughout the world, it is intended to be a centre which produces knowledge that can drive the social and economic development of the country.

It also seeks to establish “incubators” of technology and business, aligned with the activities of higher education and research institutions, so as to generate enterprises based on technology, as well as products and services that can both be sold in Mozambique and exported.

Massingue said the Park will be managed by a public company that will be created for this purpose. That company will then establish partnerships with other service provision institutions.

“We hope that many Mozambican business people are preparing to be part of this initiative”, the Minister added.



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