Movie: “Greening of Southie” playing on Documentary Channel – Story of LEED residential building project

A movie about the building process of a green building project just finished playing on the Documentary Channel.  I’m looking to see when it will be on again but there is no information so far.  It was made in 2008 but is an interesting perspective on all aspects of the LEED building project.  The DVD is available on Amazon for about $10 or you can do an instant rent for $4.

Set on the storied streets of South Boston, The Greening of Southie is a feature documentary about Boston’s first residential green building, and the skeptical workers who are asked to build it. From wheatboard cabinetry to recycled steel, bamboo flooring to dual-flush toilets, The Macallen Building is something different–a leader in the emerging field of environmentally friendly design. But Boston’s steel-toed union workers aren’t sure they like it. And when things on the building start to go wrong, the young developer has to keep the project from unraveling.

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