Management of Rural Industrial Parks Need to Communicate Burn Ban Info to Tenants

Industrial Parks, by their very nature, are occupied by tenants who engage in various construction activities that use combustible materials or which can produce sparks, etc.  It is very important that these tenants pay attention to any burn bans that may be in effect by the local fire authorities.  A recent example was written about in the Mineral Wells Index online newspaper (For full article Click Here).  The article mentions two fires at the Wolters Industrial Park, in Mineral Wells, Texas, that are under investigation.

While we don’t know how the fires started, it does bring to light some of the services and control that a industrial or business park might provide.  For example, if an industrial park were administered by a management company, the local fire marshals could contact that management team about fire conditions and they could pass on the information to their tenants.  Also, the management company could enforce landscaping provisions or provide landscaping services which would adhere to the local fire codes.

Central administration of an industrial or business park is key to providing information to its tenants and also acts as a contact point for local emergency authorities so they don’t have to contact each tenant individually.  While this article mentions fire, there are many other emergencies that could fall under this such as earthquake, hurricane, tornado and other natural calamities.

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