Indoor Motorcycle Track Proposed in Vacant Grain Store at Aberhill Industrial Park, Leven, Fife, Scotland

Plans to build an indoor motorcycle track in an industrial unit in Methil have been submitted to fife Council.

The Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club want to develop at a vacant grain store at Aberhill Industrial Park and seek permission from the local authority to change its use.

Organizers hope the latest project, overseen by local man Dave Paton, will help the club to recruit members and to reduce the number of young people who take risks by driving motorcycles illegally on beaches, parks, coastal walks and public roads.

Works would include the provision of toilets and a ventilation system, external car and trailer parking and an access road.

The track will be open to club members using the facilities and to the public as spectators when competitions are being held, with the proposed centre expected to be open from 11am to 9pm weekdays and noon to 7pm on weekends.

As part of the application, a noise assessment has been carried out by Carlin Scientific Services, which concluded the proposal should have “very little impact” on the acoustic environment or on the lives of residents.

The bid for consent has attracted a number of letters from supporters, including one from local parent Mark McLean, who is right behind the venture.

He concluded: “every other week we are reading in the local press about police arresting youths on motorbikes for anti social behaviour and being seriously hurt on motorbikes at Thornton bing.

“With this venture youths can have a safe, and well managed place to ride their motorbikes without of fear of breaking the law.”

Full article can be found in The Courier & Advertiser


GBP’s Take:  The conversion of any vacant facility in a business or industrial park to a resource for the community can breathe new life into a park and actually make it more safe and secure on the weekends.  Normally industrial parks are inactive on weekends but with a motorcycle track there is sure to be traffic on those days which may deter any criminal activity.  Of course, this is also a great opportunity to get youth to ride in a more controlled and safe environment.  The City Council should work with the management of the business park to make sure the motorcycle track is a success.


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