IMU-powered GPS unit tracks assets amid electronic jamming or inside buildings or warehouses

This technology has a variety of uses for companies in Industrial Parks or Logistics Centers.

IMU-powered GPS unit tracks assets amid electronic jamming
Posted: 21 Jun 2011

TRX Systems Inc., a Maryland-based supplier of tracking devices, has launched a project that seeks to enable accurate tracking of people or things, whether they are inside, outside or in the midst of electronic jamming.

GPS devices can help track first responders, unmanned aerial vehicles, soldiers and expensive assets, but require an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to work when GPS signals are unavailable, such as in tunnels, inside buildings, or when electronic interference is present. The TRX solution, which includes Analog Devices Inc.’s ultra-small MEMS-based IMU, aims to solve that problem.

“We are working with firefighter and other gear makers to integrate our tracking unit into their uniforms, which can tell not only the person’s location within a couple of meters, but can also tell which direction they are going, whether they are going up or down stairs, whether they are standing or crawling and so forth,” said Carol Politi, CEO of TRX Systems.
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TRX Systems is located in the Maryland Trade Center I.

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