Hungary’s Budapest Airport Business Park to open in August 2013, DHL first tenant

[GBP Note:  Of particular interest is how the business park came about by the airport concentrating airport activities thus freeing up space for the park.]

Budapest Airport Business Park on schedule

Visibility for airport users is strong selling point

Posted on 03 June 2013, Author: Jan Mainka

The Budapest Times

Delivering to DHL in August

The construction work began last December. “A winter that was partly very cold and persistent rain in spring didn’t prevent us from keeping to the schedule,” Droese noted with satisfaction. DHL Global Forwarding, the first unit of DHL, the business park’s first major tenant, will move into the building at the beginning of August and will be joined by DHL Freight in December.
“Both units were previously located outside the airport in separate buildings and will now be able to enjoy synergy effects under one roof,” Droese said. Some 250 employees will work in the new DHL building. An official opening party is planned for October, which the chairman of Deutsche Post AG, Dr. Frank Appel, is expected to attend.

Business begets business

It is fortunate for Droese and his team that the large Budapest Airport Business Park project is getting under way with such a big-name customer. Even now, when the first construction phase has not been completed yet but the new building with its striking yellow facade is already clearly visible from the airport road between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, it is possible to gain an impression of the strong presence of this customer and of the market potential of the project as a whole.
Réka Sebestyén, who is responsible for marketing the space in the business park at Budapest Airport Zrt., added: “Although we haven’t even really stepped on the gas in terms of marketing the business park, there has been increased interest lately from potential tenants, the majority of whom simply became aware of our business park in person while driving to or from the airport.”
She has no shortage of work: while an impressive 11,000 square metres has already been leased to DHL for hall and office space, the entire area of the park is 400,000 square metres, on which wide-ranging uses are possible from logistics through office space to retail.


The whole business park is in the immediate vicinity of the airport itself and was used earlier for fringe activities of the airport. By concentrating and rationalising the airport activities, the old buildings on the area of the emerging park were progressively no longer used and were or are still being removed.
Droese outlines two basic options for those interested in the space that is being vacated: either the airport itself can build relevant buildings for interested customers or customers can themselves build on the leased space.

Ease of connections

The property manager points to the good traffic links both to the airport and to the M0 motorway as the main advantage of leasing space on the site. The clear visibility of the park to all users of the airport and the familiarity of the name are also selling points, he said. “Everyone knows the airport and is aware of its location. None of our tenants needs to explain to their customers how to get to the Airport Business Park.”
This may seem a trivial point but Droese knows from personal experience of various European airports that it is a strong reason for companies to move to the vicinity of an airport. The same argument applies to the BUD Office Center, which is located not far away and consists of three buildings with an area of roughly 9,000 square metres each.

Renovations too

The first of these existing buildings belonging to the airport has now been fully renovated and 50 per cent of it has been leased to the companies Celebi and Aeroplex. Thanks to its successful renovation, this building was certified as “very good” in terms of energy saving by the internationally renowned global organisation for the development of sustainable property BREEAM, making it the first building in the Central and Eastern European region to obtain such certification.
This is still another reason for Droese to be confident that further tenants will soon be found, enabling refurbishment of the other two buildings to be tackled.


Article reference and photo in The Budapest Times

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