Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Ayutthaya Say Floodwater Receding Slower Than First Thought

Inundated industrial estates in Ayutthaya and Pathum Thani are prepared to pump out floodwater, but the water has receded slower than the Irrigation Department forecast, they noted.

At Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Ayutthaya, floodwater is still as high as 1.98 metres, higher than the estate’s flood wall.

“We need to wait for it to recede to probably 1.80 metres,” said Hi-Tech managing director Thavich Taychanavakul. “Earlier, we estimated the floodwater would stabilize early this month so we could start pumping the water out by this Thursday.”

It will take about 14 days to drain 10 million cubic metres from the estate. Hi-Tech expects to complete the task by Nov 25, he added.

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Hi-Tech’s rehab plan as of Nov  4:

  1. Dikes Repair Complete Before Nov 10, 2011
  2. Dewatering Water After Level Below 4.2 MSL, Nov. 11-25
  3. Repair Facilities Nov. 21- Dec. 5
  4. Clean up Process Nov. 26-Dec. 5
  5. Test Run Facilities Dec. 6-10
  6. Start up Services Dec.11, 2011

Rojana Industrial Park Dewatering Plans:

1. ROJANA 3 (Phase 8) Start from 7  November 2011
2. ROJANA 1-2 (Phase 1-7) Start from 10-11 November 2011





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