Fiber Optics Add Value to New Fremont Technology Park in Fremont, Nebraska

Fiber optic cable among GFDC’s 2011 accomplishment Chris Zavadil/Fremont Tribune | Posted: Saturday, January 28, 2012

[GBP Note:  This is an excerpt from an article earlier this year but it shows how fiber optic services to a business park not only adds value to existing and prospective tenants of the park but also other organizations in the community.]


The City of Fremont received a $982,892 grant from the Department of Economic Development last spring, then purchased and annexed the 81.2-acre site east of Yager Road and south of 32nd Street for the Fremont Technology Park.

Since then, Great Plains Communications and American Broadband began running fiber optic lines to the park, and a site master plan was started. A timeline was put in place for infrastructure, road construction and other facets. The geotechnical team will be on the site Monday.

“What American Broadband and Great Plains are doing is extending their fiber down into the businesses area,” GFDC Executive Director Pat Langan said. That was a goal of the Fremont Technology Professionals, a group of local information technology experts formed by GFDC.

“This is such strong bandwidth and fiber, they’re willing to come down and eventually create a loop through the city for other businesses like the banks, the schools, and the city. They’re talking to a lot of businesses that are very receptive,” Langan said.

Fremont Area Medical Center, for example, will benefit from access to a larger medical information network.

“A year or two ago, if a business would have come here and realized we had limited fiber, they would eventually have had to build that expensive fiber all the way to their location. We’ve come a long way in just the last year,” Langan said.

Interest from potential tenants has picked up and Langan anticipates even more activity when the site plan is finished, probably around July.

Full article in the Fremont Tribune:


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