Despite Mexican Violence, U.S. and International Manufacturers Expand in Mexico

Good article in the New York Times describing how large manufacturing plants known as maquiladoras are faring despite violence in Mexico.

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Business highlights of the article include:

Mostly American-owned and in border states, the plants import raw materials duty free and export assembled products, lowering the cost of goods in the United States and providing jobs that pay more than the Mexican average (typically $8 to $16 per day on the assembly line) but a lot less than American wages.

Others are from investors farther afield. Foxconn, a Taiwanese firm that makes iPhones, Dell computers and other electronics, is one of several Asian companies taking root. It opened a plant in Juárez last summer. Down the coast from here, Posco, a Korean steel manufacturer, has announced plans to expand its operations with a second plant that will employ 300 people by 2013. Several other companies plan to built or expand in other states as well.
Business is business, and the proximity to the United States is hard to pass up. The rising cost of labor, transportation and the renminbi have made some companies reconsider Mexico instead of China
“Relatively speaking it is reasonably safe,” he said by phone from Hauppauge, N.Y. “There are compelling reasons, if you are willing to do it with reasonable security, to want to be in Mexico.”

Industrial parks serving Matamoros, Mexico include:
Alianza Industrial Park
CIMA Industrial Park
CYLSA Industrial Park
Del Norte Industrial Park

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