Cornwall Business Park, in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada opens new roadway which improves traffic flow and will support new development

Industrial Park Drive Extension Now Open to Traffic

By Bob Peters
Choose Cornwall
July 20, 2012

A new east-west link has been opened in the Cornwall Business Park with the extension of Industrial Park Drive.

The $3.9-million project consisted of a 1.8-kilometre extension of Industrial Park Drive (shown in green on the accompanying map) as well as the construction of a water main and sanitary sewer along a portion of Industrial Park Drive and Tenth Street. The road extension now allows for access to the Business Park from McConnell Avenue via Tenth Street.

The new section of roadway is now open to traffic, however there are a number of ongoing related construction projects and as such, motorists are asked to be cautious and obey all temporary construction signs.

In addition to improving traffic flow within the Business Park, and providing access to the new Target distribution centre, the new roadway will also open up additional lands for future development.

“This project will pave the way for new development opportunities,” said Mayor Bob Kilger. “It’s a proactive move that will eventually lead to new commercial activity, jobs and assessment for the City of Cornwall.”

The project was funded through a variety of sources, including the City, the Province of Ontario, CN Rail and the Federal Government. Local companies were involved in the project including Cornwall Gravel and GENIVAR. Project design and construction management was undertaken by the City of Cornwall.

“The Cornwall Business Park continues to attract a significant amount of interest from investors, and this project will help us to meet that demand both now and into the future,” said Bob Peters, Senior Development Officer.

The City has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment which is exploring future transportation links and land expansion within the Business Park.

The extension of Industrial Park Drive has resulted in the closure of Tenth Street at Boundary Road, thereby eliminating a potential safety risk given the intersection’s proximity to the CN railway line.

A formal opening of the Industrial Park Drive extension will take place in the near future.

About the Cornwall Business Park

The Cornwall Business Park is located in the eastern part of Cornwall, immediately adjacent to Highway 401. With more than 1,600 acres, the Business Park is home to some of Canada’s largest distribution centres, award-winning manufacturers and great transportation companies.

Fully serviced land in the Cornwall Business Park is currently available for sale at $30,000 per acre, making it some of the most affordable land in Ontario. When you add in the fact that Cornwall does not have development charges, building a facility in Cornwall makes good business sense.

The Cornwall Business Park is zoned to include a wide range of manufacturing and commercial uses.

Click on the following links more information on the Business Park and development opportunities in Cornwall:

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