Complimentary Webinar – The Mobile Ecosystem Imperative – by Current Analysis

Free Webinar on Mobility:

Mobility has been oft-identified as a key driver of innovation within the telecom and broader ICT spaces. But, what drives mobility? Is it, as some carriers would have you believe, “the network?” Yes. But it’s also the applications running on those networks, the devices running those applications, and the silicon powering those devices. It’s the spectrum powering wireless services and the standards powering those services. In short, it’s more than any one segment of the market – it’s an ecosystem.

In this Current Analysis webinar, we will discuss why – now more than ever – mobility needs to be viewed from an ecosystem perspective.

From standards innovation driving high-demand traffic offload and local caching, to the global momentum behind spectrum re-farming, to the impact of mobile application trends on network and device development, key ecosystem drivers will be leveraged to illustrate the importance of viewing mobility as more than just the sum of diverse, unrelated markets – and the genesis of Current Analysis’ new Mobile Ecosystem practice.

Session #1
June 15, 2011
12:00 Noon EDT

Session #2
June 16, 2011
9:00 AM EDT

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