Case Study: Axis Communications provides surveillance system for the largest auto parts enterprise group in China located in Weichai Industrial Park, Weifang, Shandong, China

[GBP Note:  this case study furthers our research that business parks can provide value for their tenants by providing enhanced security systems.]

Axis network cameras enhance management efficiency at Weichai Power

Surveillance system for the largest auto parts enterprise group in China

Surveillance system for the largest auto parts enterprise group in China
After operating over one year, it has provided stable performance, and the 248 AXIS P5534 Network Cameras have had zero failure rate. “ Cong Jian-You, Weichai Power CIO.


The Weichai Industrial Park had incorporated monitoring systems from different manufacturers. Thus the entire industrial park consisted of four sets of monitoring systems operating independently, causing many problems for system maintenance and expansion. The laboratories of the industrial park required a comprehensive video surveillance system, that must be able to uniformly manage the existing monitoring systems.


Since the laboratories consist of highly sophisticated scientific equipment, the front end cameras must be efficient and provide high-definition videos. They must be able to handle all-weather monitoring of the equipment, and have excellent applicability in terms of bright lighting and high-temperature environments. Based on the above requirements, Axis and its partner have designed a network video surveillance system for the Weichai Industrial Park.


The system has increased efficiency and reduced the investment in human resources to achieve the desired result, and received praise from corporate management. When used in the laboratories, the Axis cameras overcome the changes in strong lighting, and provide comprehensive details to the video images. The video quality of the Axis network cameras has exceeded the cameras that Weichai has purchased before, and use a lower bandwidth.


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