Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC) planning new office complex in the Soldier Road Industrial Park, the Bahamas

[GBP Note:  By developing the first government building in the Bahamas to be mainly powered by solar (60%) , the Soldier Road Industrial Park will be off on a good foot as an example of sustainable building practices in the Caribbean.   This would also help in their branding efforts and would provide value and added exposure which may help attract new tenants.]

BAIC reveals plans behind industrial park

As printed in The Nassau Guardian
Jeffrey Todd
Guardian Business Editor
Published: Aug 22, 2012

The Soldier Road Industrial Park could be receiving a major face-lift, as plans are underway to modernize the close to 40-acre property, beginning with the construction of a new executive office complex.
Arnold Forbes, executive chairman at the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC), confirmed to Guardian Business that plans are afoot to transform the corporation into a 21st century business.  He believes that the key to this is having the proper facilities.
Forbes revealed that BAIC’s new executive offices would be moved to the industrial park and completed within the next several months.
“We are putting in the proper facilities so that BAIC can function in the vein that it was designed for.  We are now in the process of refurbishing the executive offices of BAIC.  I believe that in order for BAIC to function properly, we need the proper office space and facilities to ensure that we can compete worldwide,” he said.
“We need to have a facility where manufacturers get the technical assistance and in some cases the financial assistance that they will need to move their companies forward.”
BAIC’s chief noted that the plans for the 10,000-square-foot facility is still very much in its early stages, as it finalizes its budget and the bidding process before construction can begin.  He also shared with Guardian Business that the facility will be powered by solar energy, a move that is expected to be a staple throughout the park.

For full article and photo see article in The Nassau Guardian

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