Asians Now Outnumber Whites In Silicon Valley – Article by Sharon Simonson of

Asians Now Outnumber Whites in Silicon Valley

April 20, 2015


By Sharon Simonson

Asians and Pacific Islanders now form the largest racial block in Santa Clara County, exceeding the proportion of non-Hispanic white residents for the first time.

According to new demographic findings from the Population Dynamics Research Group at the University of Southern California, in the next 25 years, Silicon Valley’s Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino and other Asian populations plus a smattering of Pacific Islanders are expected to grow to more than 43 percent of the county total. That is approximately 30 percentage points higher than Asians’ projected proportion nationally.

In the same 25 years, the share of non-Hispanic whites in Silicon Valley is expected to fall to less than 25 percent, down from 33 percent today and 70.5 percent in 1980. The share of Hispanics is predicted to remain largely unchanged at about a quarter of the valley’s total.

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