70mph winds ripped through the Rantoul Industrial Park in Rantoul, Illinois – VIDEO

High winds rip through industrial park

Updated: April 18, 2013Source: WCIA 3 News


RANTOUL — Flooding isn’t the main problem. It’s the wind that left its mark around town.

Our weather department says 70mph winds ripped through the Rantoul Industrial Park around 8:00am.

Crews are working through the rain to clear Rt. 136 west of Shellhouse Drive. That’s where at least a dozen power lines have fallen into the road.

Rt. 136 starting at I-57 is closed for about three miles heading west until midday Saturday. Despite all the damage, crews say the best news is nobody was hurt.

“The short answer would be that it’s really just kind of a mess out here,” said Asst. Fire Chief Kevin Kaiser.

The west side of town was scattered with trees knocked over, power lines snapped, and some still on the brink of tipping.

“Besides the wind that was still here the heavy rain that we were experiencing, you add electricity to that with water, it’s a very dangerous situation,” said Kaiser.

The threat of getting shocked wasn’t the only danger this morning. Some businesses nearby got hit hard by the wind.

“I had just walked through the building, and about five minutes later the wind picked up and it was sudden, no notice,” said Bob Lord.

He’s the plant manager at Engineered Plastic Components in the Rantoul Industrial Park. His business wasn’t hit as hard as his neighbor Conair, but the downed lines mean his employees have to work in the dark.

“They service this whole industrial complex out here so all the factories out here do not have power to them,” said Kaiser.


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Businesses affected include:

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors
Engineered Plastic Components
Combe Laboratories


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