“Pre-Permitted Site” Option Streamlines Industrial Park Development in Hamburg, Pennslyvania

Developers of industrial parks in the Town of Hamburg now have the opportunity to create “shovel ready” projects. The Town Board has approved a measure that reduces the time for the approval of individual business.

With the “pre-permitted site” option, the industrial park gains approval from the Town Board. Then, when a company wants to build in the park, it can go straight to the Building Department for building and site permits, dramatically cutting down the time needed for approvals.

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GBP’s Take:  Planning and zoning departments that work with developers to create “shovel ready” sites are better equipped to influence in an area’s overall development and long-term direction rather than just react to building applications.  Any business park owner or developer that can offer quick approvals is in a better position to attract tenants.  This is also the time to encourage and incorporate green building practices and sustainability.

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