Why more green isn’t always greener for cities – Article from the Guardian

[GBP Note:  This is an interesting article on the struggles with "greening" cities.  Not so much about how to green a business park but the comments section is definitely worth a skim if you're interested in this topic.]

High Lines and park life: why more green isn’t always greener for cities Transforming old industrial areas into urban woodland may look nice but can be conterproductive in the long run

, Thursday 30 January 2014 03.00 EST
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For a lot of people in the 20th century, the future of the city was simply a better, shinier version of what ancient cities looked like after they had been abandoned. There’s a link between the visions of the Roman city, overgrown by vegetation that you can find in the etchings of Piranesi, and the vision of the “garden city” or “Radiant City” once so cherished by architects and planners.
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