Webinar and Presentation available from Silicon Valley Bank: CURRENCY WAR! AN UPDATE ON BRAZIL AND THE REAL

CURRENCY WAR! AN UPDATE ON BRAZIL AND THE REAL May 25, 2012 Posted by: Scott Petruska

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Brazil is one of the most up-and-coming economies in the world,a hotbed of opportunity for those firms interested in expanding overseas and beyond the slow growth economies of the U.S., Japan and the Euro zone. There are challenges, however, when doing business in Brazil, including the ability, or lack thereof, to move money in or out of the country. We address this and other issues in our webinar.

Among the topics we discussed:

• Brazil’s economy – the big picture

• The Brazilian real – past, present, future

• Moving money in and out of Brazil

• Currency hedging tools and strategies


Scott Petruska , Senior Foreign Exchange Advisor, Silicon Valley Bank
Anne Bacher , Senior Advisor, Cash Management Group, Silicon Valley Bank
AndyTsao, Managing Director, SVB Global Gateway & SVB Global Private Equity Services, Silicon Valley Bank


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