Risk Management Report

An excellent report on Risk Management can be found Here.

There are many ways of achieving the objectives of risk management and it would be impossible to try to set them all out in a single document. Therefore it was never intended to produce a prescriptive standard which would have led to a box ticking approach nor to establish a certifiable process. By meeting the various component parts of this standard, albeit in different ways, organizations will be in a position to report that they are in compliance.The standard represents best practice against which organizations can measure themselves.
Published in 2002 by:

The Institute of Risk Management
Telephone 020 7709 9808
6 Lloyd’s Avenue,
London EC3N 3AX
Facsimile 020 7709 0716
Email enquiries@theIRM.org

ALARM The National Forum for
Risk Management in the Public Sector
Telephone 01395 223399
Queens Drive, Exmouth
Devon, EX8 2AY
Facsimile 01395 223304
Email admin@alarm.uk.com

The Association of
Insurance and Risk Managers
Telephone 020 7480 7610
6 Lloyd’s Avenue,
London EC3N 3AX
Facsimile 020 7702 3752
Email enquiries@airmic.co.uk

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