Octagon Pond Industrial Park opens new phase in Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Paradise opens new phase of Octagon Pond Industrial Park

Published on August 24, 2012
Daniel MacEachern

Steel already lies on the ground on one of the lots of the newly opened Phase 3 of Octagon Pond Industrial Park, ready for the owner to start construction.

Karwood Estates cut the ribbon on the new 70-acre section, known as Bremigen’s Pond Industrial Park, Thursday morning. Karwood owner Hubert Hussey said the expansion of Paradise’s industrial section has picked up in recent years, compared with when his company started developing in 1996.

“It started off a little slow, as prices and conditions were then,” he said. “The economy picked up, people realized that this was one of the better places to build for industrial: closeness to the Trans-Canada, closeness to the industrial park in Donovans, and everybody started to realize it was a good place to be.”

Full article and photo in The Telegram


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