Free Televsion Production Classes in Blackburn Industrial Park in Gloucester, MA

Cape Ann TV is the non-profit, tax-exempt organization that provides public access television for the City of Gloucester, and the Towns of Essex, Manchester-By-The-Sea and Rockport, MA.  They have internship opportunities and are offering free training on how to write, direct, produce and perform at the CATV studio, 38 Blackburn Industrial Park.  No experience necessary. Space is limited. To register, contact Lisa Smith at 978-281-2443 or lsmith[at]

GBP’s take:  We’re not sure if web-conferencing facilities are available at the TV station but GBP recommends to all business and industrial park owners that they install or provide access to one well-equipped web-conferencing site which may be shared / rented by all tenants.  That would be an excellent way to spread costs among many tenants who may infrequently need such a resource but who would appreciate the service and convenience such a facility would provide.  As a service, shared infrastructure like this is a way to “Green” a business park as well as a way to reduce travel costs, and related carbon emissions, by tenant employees.  In case of a natural disaster or other emergency such a central facility may assist in the coordination of response or other communication needs.

GBP is researching the number of tenants in a business or industrial park that would make economic sense to build such a shared facility.  If you have such a facility in your park, or if you think it is a good idea to have one, please comment.  Thanks!

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