Former General Motors facility in Ontario, Ohio being cleared and rebranded as Ontario Business Park

Remodeling continues at Ontario Business ParkMansfield News
March 26, 2013
By Lou Whitmire

ONTARIO — The former General Motors facility’s 1985 building addition is “on the ground,” and 450,000 square feet of the facility has been razed.

The purpose is to make way for new tenants. Up to half of the old GM facility could be razed as part of the overall project.

Demolition is expected to continue through autumn, according to the owners of the new Ontario Business Park.

Ontario Councilman Mark Weidemyre said new buildings are planned at the 200-acre site, and the first new construction — for a second tenant — could be announced in early April.

Sunfest Organic Herbs, based in Okeechobee, Fla., is the first company scheduled to establish operations in Ontario Business Park. Sunfest’s manager Clifford Rosen said Sunfest’s expansion in Ontario will be a farm production and packaging facility.

Ontario Business Park is a joint venture between Adler Group Inc., a Miami company, and The Hilco Organization, of Northbrook, Ill. The plan is for it to become a multi-tenant corporate park.

The developer of the former General Motors Stamping Plant plans to repurpose about 1 million square feet into a modern, multi-tenant facility.

A deal was struck last year to sell the former General Motors Stamping Plant to Brownfield Communities Development Co. The Miami developer is expected to bring 1,100 jobs to the area within five years.

Brownfield is a partnership between Hilco Real Estate and the Adler Group. Two tenants have been identified for the site. One would create 850 full-time jobs and the other, 280 full-time jobs.

Conditions in the development agreement specify that if the developer does not produce the 1,100 jobs in five years, the city will receive $1 million, which is being placed in escrow.

The city would receive $2 million at the end of 10 years if the number of jobs are not created as promised.


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