AEP Kentucky Power holds open house at Paul Coffey Industrial Park, Ashland, KY

AEP Kentucky Power’s President and Chief Operating Officer Greg Pauley welcomed Kentucky Power retirees and spouses as well as customers and elected officials such as State Rep. Rocky Adkins. The open house was in an effort “to help customers better understand the process and how to use it best,” Pauley said.

Adkins said Kentucky depends upon low-cost energy as an incentive for business and industry including Toyota, Ford and the Corvette plant, and described the EPA’s rules as “bullying” the middle class.

As they consider the future closure or renovation of the Big Sandy plant in Lawrence County, Adkins urged Kentucky Power to consider the installation of scrubbers for continued coal-fired operation instead of closure or conversion to a gasification plant.

Pauley largely agreed with the legislator’s comments, particularly the idea environmental regulations should be adopted over a period of decades instead of years. The power company president said no decisions have been made about future operations at the Big Sandy

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